All of our pieces are made and painted by hand. The signature style of the line is a delicate use of crochet and point lace on hand crafted silk dresses and capes. The one of a kind garments are made using vintage hand crochet lace. The unique melancholic pieces reminiscent of the past times are also produced the old fashion way, the point lace and crochet can take up to 200 of hand work.

All of the garments are made to measure and may take up to six weeks to produce allowing a perfect fit.

The jewelry line "Bijoux de luxe" is made in the same spirit as the garments. Each piece of jewelry is finely crafted using finest new and vintage crystal. The pieces are also hand finished and aged to achieve a vintage look. The small imperfections in the colors are part of the design.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for bespoke one-of-a-kind piece.