D.O.B 13.04.1931

star sign Aries

rising sign Capricorn

chinese zodiac Goat 

"I was, but a little surprised when I found  out I have three horned animals living in me"



Belgrade 15.03.2020


The first night of the quarantine. I lay in my childhood room. The bed is different, position similar. The view did not change a great deal. The large 60s metal windows overlook the yard-facing apartment structures of different ages and decent. Some are from the 80s, some from the beginning of the 1900s, most in a state of the discrepancy. The view calms me, although it urges my sense of inner and outer compulsive obsessive need for architectural amicability. My grandmother is in the other room. I am here because of her. I could not leave her. It was an easy decision. She was always there for me. She annoyed me, ever, even today as I try to recite the situation of world emergency. I guess it is the three, horned animals of her star sign. She is 89; I’m 43.

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