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slavna has been loving and resisting fashion for a very long time. in love, she is with the materiality, shapes and structures, the faux pas and the haute couture, the construction and deconstruction, the images of past and the possibilities of now. she is always saddened by the speed of it, the loss of desirability of the seasons past, the abandonment of the garments their replacement with the latest.

in her work slavna takes the abandoned and reworks reprints re-sews together, bricolaging, commenting and searching the proximity of the cloth and the flesh, at times sculpting the body into the garment itself. 

a lot of her works have been created for the stage in collaboration work with directors, composers, and choreographers.



seven pieces built from deconstructed antique silk meisen kimonos.created for performance concert 'crawling on the catwalk' by the dutch american composer david dramm,  performed by philharmonie zuidnederland  and the  PDC club , 2018

photography: milica kolaric model: tamara pjevic

for 'la mode", a piece directed by tomoko mukayiama slavna collaborated with the artist seeking the definition of fashion. mukayiama was keen to create a piece about fashion without actual clothes. inspired by the flatness of the digital medium and the steady loss of materiality of dress, slavna created the concept of the fashion XXL , an over sized  wearable copy of the chosen design classic. these 'fashions' that have lost their third dimension were with created as digitally printed soft foam, revealing the dancers' backside, playfully questioned the concept of remixing, appropriation and disobedience that are all but fashion essentials.

above models: tijana prendovic & bojana mitrovic

picture 1 (above) models wearing masks depicting vivienne westwood and martin margiela and their applicable labels. 

picture 2 model wearing fashion print XXL of  hand embroidered and embellished leather ensemble, alessandro michele for gucci SS 2015

picture 3: model wearing fashion print XXL of croco leather jacket, azzedine alaia SF 2003

picture 4: model wearing fashion XXL print of silk taffeta wave pattern print dress, christian dior 1956

picture 5: model wearing fashion XXL print  of draped wool coat, yohji yamamoto FW 2009

picture 6: model wearing fashion XXL print of satin silk inverted gown, thierry mugler FW 1995

picture 7: model wearing fashion XXL print dress form jacket, maison martin margiela SS 1997

picture 4: model wearing fashion XXL print  of  tea dress, charles fredric worth ca. 1895

picture 5: model wearing fashion XXL print  of  silk jersey coat with gold thread and silk embroidery and applied decoration in silk, featuring an illustration by jean cocteau, elsa schiaparelli 1937

picture 6: classic mini flap lam skin quilted leather bag, Chanel ca. 2004 /5

picture 7: rouge pur couture in le rouge YSL

direction: tomoko mukayiama

choreography: dunja jocic

set design: toyo ito

light design: tanja ruhl

composer: yannis kyriakides

spellbound contemporary ballet rome

technical direction and photo: yutaka endo

metropolitan opera house, taichung, taiwan

spiral hall tokyo japan , 2016

series of images of my grandmother as an expanded sculpture in a public space. she is photographed in layered pieces from my archive of hand knitted works. both intimate, fragile and overpowerlingy glamurous my grandmother plays femminine clichés and then lets herself be lost in her old age as i record. photographed in galley perpetuel in frankfurt. 2019

in series of pieces created for stage slavna experimented with the idea of  creating of modifying the body into sculptural object, brazenly enlarging, stretching and crushing it it.

"terra incognita"

choreography and direction dunja jocic

composer hugo morales

light design pavla beranová

photography jelena jankovic and above ivana kilickovic , 2016

silk spine wearable sculpture edition of 5, right on artist ewa schwab in front of her painting, photographed by gaby gerster, 2019

net werables exploring the concept between clothing, shelter and body in collaboration with tomoko mukayama for her piece "la mode" , 2015


choreography club guy and roni, en knapp, slagwerk den haag 2015

music: hugo mora

light design: will frikenn

set desigh ascon de nijs

photography: andrej lames and fevzer ales

in "phobia" a piece directed and choreographed by guy weizman and roni haver slavna created enclosed body sculptures, cocoon like shells of the actors corporalities. the pieces were inspired by the sense of extreme fear where one's body looses its firmness giving a way to a palpable mass of atoms, colors and energy.

"skinny" is  a series of wearable objects where slavna developed an idea of augmenting the body with a body of another, she of deconstructed digitally printed bodies found on internet or recreated replicas of the actors as a doppelganger of sort.

picture 1, 3 and 4 model (tijana prendovic and bojana mitrovic) wearing a "body dress" created for "la mode" by tomoko mukayama  2016, 

picture 2. "body skin body" 2018

picture 5  "" roni doll" for "happiness" by club guy and roni 2016  

"naked lunch"directed and choreographed by guy weizman and roni haver

club guy and roni, vocaal lab, slagwerk den haag

composer:yannis kyriakides

set design: ascon de naijs

light design: will frikken

photography: andreas etter

theater de challiot, paris france 2016

"hairy"s are several outfits made out of fake hair made for the piece "naked lunch" directed and choreographed by guy weizman and roni haver based on the novel by william burroughs. nightmarish, synthetically organic and sexual the pieces blur the squeamish line between nudity and nakedness.

masks created for the piece terra incognita by dunja jocic. inspired by nabokov's story of the same name were created to impel an uncertainty between hallucinogenic visions and ritual adoration.

"terra incognita"

choreography and direction dunja jocic

composer hugo morales

light design pavla beranová

photography jelena jankovic , 2016

models: shay petrush and dunja jocic