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Slavna Martinovic graduated from the London College of Fashion in 1998 (HND in Fashion, Styling and Makeup) and has started an international career as a freelance stylist and a make-up artist, later pursuing a career in costume design and visual arts. She has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Vienna and Berlin creating in the field of fashion, film, and theater for the past twenty years.

In 2009, she completed her MA in Multimedia Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and was a guest student at the Faculty of New Media at the Goethe University in Frankfurt from 2015 to 2017.  She is as of  2017 a Ph.D. candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna at the Faculty for Fashion and Styles. Her mentors are Prof. Dr. Elke Gaugele and Prof. Dr. Brigit Richard.


Her research interests are a continuation of her decades-long interests in dress, fashion, and subculture. In her academic work, Slavna explores the ideas of the digital representation of subcultural styles and identities with a strong point on Instagram as well as the effects of social media on corporal identity, gender performativity, and displaying subversive thinking. She is investigating the way the body is transformed, extended, and fashioned in the virtual worlds, speculating on the potential effects of Augmented Reality on the performance of gender and identity.

Currently, she divides her time between her career in visual art, lecturing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and writing her Ph.D. thesis Dress and Subversion in the Digital Age: ‘Digital Skin’ -Territory of Action.



She lives between Berlin, Vienna and Los Angeles and wherever her work may take her.

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