slavna's career in film started with her move to los angeles in 1998 first as a head make up artist on several productions and later as a costume designer. she has had a marvelous fortune to be mentored by the legendary costume designer theaodora van runkle. their friendship and mutual appreciation for fashion and art has influenced slavna's work and choices of films she lends her hand designing. her style, character driven is heightened in detail by her love of art, subculture and history.


'a beautiful now"

written and directed: daniela amavia
music: johnny jewel

cinematography: patrick scola

editing:adam h. mack

valdís oskarsdóttir

casting: lynn kressel

production design: cindy chao and michele yu

costume design: slavna martinovic

montrey media and unified pictures, 2015

'awakening from dead'

written and directed: milos radivojevic
music: kornelije kovac

cinematography: rade vladic

editing: andjelija ilic

production design: nemanja petrovic & nikola bercek

costume and make up design: slavna martinovic

testament films, 2005

'four walls'

written and directed: guy weizman

cinematography: calle boressen

editing: christo broock

production design: ascon de nijs

costume and make up design: slavna martinovic

NTR production, 2010

'seven and a half'

written and directed: miroslav momcilovic
music: boris bujanic vlada divijan

cinematography: dimitrije jokovic

editing: pedrag bogojevic 

production design: nenad paranosic

costume and make up design: slavna martinovic

brigada films, 2008


written and directed: dunja jocic & marinus grothoff
music: rengen koning

cinematography: marc de meijer

editing: jurriaan van nimwegen 

production design: romke faber

costume and make up design: slavna martinovic

LEV pictures 2011

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