slavna's creation process does not accommodate speed. she works with artisans to produce each garment or embellishment as an autonomous object. she is touched by exquisite production and the energy dress or adornment carry. her fashions are solemnly available as she follows no fashion system creates intuitively when exalted with an urge to make or remake.


'eightcapsuleblack' is an anniversary gesture to her first collection 'brave new luxury' which she debuted at the berlin fashion week in 2008.  she contemplates the symbolic meaning of the 8ball, the good luck bad luck duplicity translating this through her creative practice taking a chance at appropriating her own past designs. she reconstructs 8 black pieces searching for a close to perfect being, someone and no one in a handsome black dress.


referred by vogue uk as a black sheep of berlin fashion week the 'brave new luxury''  collection (2008) resonated the singular luxury of precious hand made silk wearables with delicate hand crochet and point laced details.

slavna's design practice encouraged the concept of sustainability manifesting a desire for the sleek dainty pieces untouched by season or current trends to be worn again and again. accessorized by wonderfully hand crafted jewelry, the collection becomes a conceptual and visual apothegm for her future creative process. 

hello tiger! was a playful homage to bollywood's plenty. using traditional indian hand beading the collection of silk pieces encrusted with flying tigers and pink fiery wings of crystals and pallets was heard roaring for years to come. the jewelry made of exclusively vintage crystals from the 1950's  brought 'more' to the plenty. the collection was shown at the arte realle gallery in milan in 2010.  

her jewlery copious in detail with gleaming vintage stones is produced entirely by hand. these charming trinkets are all unique as their artisan crafting process does not allow two pieces to be exactly the same.

'how the moon floats through her' is an attempt to give new life to antique  crochet lace tollies and also marks the beginning of a process  of re salvaging the past slavna continues to use in her creation. she attempts to fashionably augment the product of the times past feminine practice, consummated during time of rest or  leisure. she re envisions the tollies as delicate beaded capes, accessories of filigree quality.  the abandoned once priced possessions, products of hours of labor and love become objects of desire in a new form in the new century, 2011.

'this side of paradise' is a utopian attempt to create a collection of by deconstructing an 'objet trouvé',  black jeans, antique kimono, a crochet tollie, a left over beaded applique of the past collection... painted and crafted by hand, these one of a kind pieces adorned and adored become fetishes of sustainability, a small island of hope on the other side of luxury, 2013.

'my demigod'  is a tiny collection where slavna traverses between the familiar process of reconstructing the found and an attempt to create very precise intricate pieces created form a drawing. she works on perfecting the process of point lace wishing to blur the boundaries between jewelry and accessories. the process is painstakingly slow, slow and magical, a mantra of a kind, to the gods of art nouveau  no less.

in 2002 while still living in los angeles slavna produced her pilot collection. the collection of hand crafted designs of fine leather and knitwear. an homage to the 70s los angeles rock and roll fashions, it was an attempt of produce one of a kind garment for the celebrities of the time.  the collection was stolen and the scenario of starting her fashion line was postponed to a later date...thus she renamed it 'the land of tears'.

'eight capsule black' 2019

photography: jelena jankovic

model vukadin filipovic

'brave new luxury' 2008

photography; mercedes benz fashion week

berlin official

'hello tiger!' 2010

photography: milica kolaric

model zorana stojanovic

'as the moon floats through her' 2012

photography: milica kolaric

model: maja atanasijevic

'this side of paradise' 2014

photography: milica kolaric

model: maja atanasijevic & zorana stojanovic

'my demigod' 2016

photography: milica kolaric

model: maja atanasijevic & dunja jocic

'the land of tears' 2001

photographer: tatiana zabunna

model: lu

design of the collections page:

vukadin filipovic

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